Rules of Debate

The rules of debate among bloggers in the comment section  for each article published are as follows, and these rules apply at all times: I, Ercilla Rámirez, as the founder of this blog will act as a moderator of the debate between bloggers who support or oppose our Mestizarianista views each time I publish my articles on the web. For this very purpose it is incumbent for us Mestizarianos to ultimately help reinforce on what we stand for, to strengthen our legitimacy of our voice in a war of words against our opponents, and to strengthen our weak points, so that the truth can prevail in the end for us Aryans who espouse the timeless Philosophy of Mestizarianism.

  1. Show respect in debating ideas, but at the same time be assertive on the points being brought up, and make sure the arguments are cogent and relevant to the topic at hand. For blog members of this Blog, you bear the responsibility in representing us in a positive way by behaving very well as Mestizarianist[a] members. When a misrepresentation of our views are caught, we ought to call our opponents out as liars when they lie, and to believe in our worldview and to defend it 100% of the time from those who stand against us.We welcome also other bloggers who side with us, and support our cause and in turn we help to educate them more on what our worldview is about and where we stand on the issues.
  2. Slandering comments, and anything to discredit the Mestizariana Ideology in any way will result in the users (strong opponents) having their comments flagged, erased, and on the third offense the user will be expelled from the comments section permanently along with their blogging account. This site is for Aryans only, and Aryans must display all the noble virtues when speaking to one another, and the opposing groups should be thoughtfully considered, and yet they should be dealt with assertively when confronted.
  3. Trolls, and other users who seek to denounce us in every way, the same should apply in denouncing their positions in turn for the purpose of exposing them for public denouncement. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth when dealing with problematic individuals is our blog motto we abide by.
  4. Those ideally in the comment section of each article, or essay should publish relevant comments when those essays were newly published, after one month and on wards, the comments section will be closed off. (Note: There will be exceptions in reopening old comment sections from old articles dependent on the the Author’s discretion in the end.)
  5. Keep messages short and to the point, and speak clearly!
  6. As Mestizarianists or Mestizarianistas, support one another emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually in this Aryan cause as espoused by Our great Philosopher Nicolas Palacios himself.
  7. Writing in the language of both English and Spanish are acceptable, and the Mapudungün language to some extent in order to contribute value to Our Ideology. For all intents and purposes..Use English and Spanish languages only on this blog.