This section is dedicated to the development of the Biological Reality of race from the Aryan perspective. We Mestizarianists or mestizarianistas subscribe to the doctrine of: one drop blood concept in keeping our race pure, and re purifying it as well from undesirable contamination from other races. This section is also dedicated to attacking all our inferior racial tribalist enemies that exist in all of Latin America, and to expose many institutions, pro race mixing blogs, multi racialist websites,  and all egalitarian programs that share the same worldview with the Old Order, and we seek to destroy this Old Order by espousing the New Order that is to come. Race is a cornerstone principle to Our Mestizariana Weltanschauung, and especially pertaining to the entire Germanic Race in particular. We seek to speak out on this controversial topic, and seek to debate and fight against our enemies for many decades to come in the arena first before meeting with them in actual war (war is inevitable for us all/ so winning it is our focus now); therefore, the battle must be won in the mind first, then in the arena of debate by exposing our enemies for who they really are, and at the same time to liberate and to set the Aryan man free from spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bondage from our enemies forever, and to strive to attain absolute freedom as Nature has granted it to us thousands of years ago. Again, racial purity and the war against the entire Old Order, against Jewish and Gentile Tribalism under the banner of the Laws of Nature do we fight until our enemies are vanquished! Mestizarianistas and all Germanic peoples let us no longer live in fear and in intimidation, let us be free within ourselves in truth and in spirit. We are Aryans, and we will never compromise our principles, and never accept defeat from our enemies, let us fight for freedom under the banner of Aryanism, National Socialism, and Mestizarianism against all enemies! On wards to victory!

The Oath of Mestizaryanism

I do solemnly swear to uphold the National Socialist Honor of Chile faithfully, defend our Aryan Race, affirming our Mestizarianista Racial values (The Gothic-Araucanian Race), and to defeat our enemies through annihilation both foreign and domestic. I will die faithfully affirming this oath…saying “I Do”.

(All say this): By the powers vested by the Laws of Nature…guide us to your truth and towards the road to freedom now and forevermore! 

Every one says: Mestizo Chileno Roto, Gótico-Araucano