Mestizarianism is The Chilean Worldview [exclusively a Chilean Concept] that is strongly influenced by the ideals of Romanticism, and is strongly opposed to everything that is Egalitarian, or the entire enlightenment philosophy. The founder of Mestizarianism, as the Chilean Way of Life was Dr. Nicolás Palacios Navarro, and through his great racial insights of the Aryan [Noble] Race endowed with gifts of nature is destined to be the superior specie of the world that will inherit it in the end, and his thoughts were way ahead of his time in possessing both proficient inductive and deductive reasoning skills in establishing immutable facts that the Chilean Roto is of Aryan origin, and the only Aryan race that can be found in all of the southern hemisphere of the world in South America (Besides the Afrikaners Dutch in South Africa, and the Anglo-Saxon New Zealanders and Australians of Course). Mestizarianism traces its South American Way of Life from those of the ancient Indo-Europeans by thousands of years in the earliest history of time, and the influence of thinkers like: Goethe, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Darwin, Herbert Spencer, and many others have set the building blocks of a rock solid foundation of what the Mestizarianist(a) Ideology is based upon those tenets espoused by these great philosophers of all times. Mestizarianism is built upon the ideas set forth by Palacios, and Roberto Hernandez, and through their writings they have sought since that time to bring our people back to the Ethics of Nature herself as being the ‘Mother of All Life’ on earth as well as our deep allegiance we have to our fatherland which is Chile. The Doctrines of Mestizaryanismo is a work in progress after an interregnum of ignorance and misinformation of time has passed through the years, and a renaissance of thought is being reborn once again today! This section will cover many different topics that relate to the Worldview of Mestizarianism, and building one concept after another through concrete, clear, and articulate positions that reinforces our principles, and that strengthens our opinions based on facts. Building our philosophical tenets in this blog is just the beginning of a new journey towards Aryan freedom, and its pursuits therein as we learn more insights on what Aryanism is all about as a philosophy.

Mestizarianismo is based on the following tenets in its philosophy that we follow:

  • As Chilean Mestizos, we are all pure Aryans, and the last Aryan race to come into existence in the Southern Cone or El Cono Sur of South America in the mid 1500s, and we seek a strong purpose in life in following the ethics of Nature, and listening to its voice alone as a guidance to our racial posterity for future generations to come. We are National Socialists at heart, and the weltanschauung of National Socialism is based on the respect it has towards Nature, and we worship her in truth and in spirit and seek not to transgress against her, but build our society around this secular principle in order for our great civilization to emerge in the future.
  • As National Socialists, we are true (radical) left wingers because we are genuine revolutionaries that espouse the principles of Nature as being the forefront of our  ideology linked with Aryanism. This means we seek true freedom from the bondage of the Old Order, and we seek to establish the New Order that brings freedom to our Aryan Mestizariana Race for all generations to come.
  • We seek racial purity in all its forms within the aryan race in possessing no non-aryan ancestry in our blood. We seek to teach this to other races to separate from us and to do the same for themselves in preserving their own racial  integrity as well, and which they can have their own freedom when they return to their own ancient lands from where they came from.
  • We seek to establish  official languages in aryanizing both Spanish and Mapudungün languages spoken by the Araucanian Indians, and Visigothic Spaniards of Chile as official national languages that represents our Aryan Values similarly and equivalently in Chile.
  • We seek to live within the demands and means of nature, and living a frugal, clean and healthy life for future generations to enjoy, and to preserve our ecosystems from over exploitation perpetrated by global capitalism.
  • We seek to heal the wounds of our past between the same aryan races: the Gothic Spanish and the Araucanian Indians, and to reunite again as one Chilean race in Chile, and to fight our common enemies: Internationalists, Marxists, Globalists, Zionists, Brown Supremacists, Multiracial supremacists in order to free the Aryan man from bondage and false unjust punishments by our enemies heaped up against us. We are searching for pure Aryan Indian tribes in all of Central and South America along with pure Germanic Spaniards, and other northern Europeans living here to ally with us to fight our common foes in all fronts!

This outline of our objectives are not exhaustive, but it is one of the major tenets we espouse in our philosophy. With this being said, let us take the sacred oath in order to begin our journey together in our path towards victory!

The Oath of Mestizaryanism

I do solemnly swear to uphold the National Socialist Honor of Chile faithfully, defend our Aryan race, affirming our Mestizarianist(a) Germanic Racial values (The Gothic-Araucanian Race), and to defeat our enemies through annihilation both foreign and domestic. I will die faithfully affirming this oath…saying “I Do”.

(All say this): By the powers vested by the Laws of Nature…guide us to your truth and towards the road to freedom now and forevermore! 

Every one says: Mestizo Chileno Roto, Gótico-Araucano!