Geographical and Social Issues

Our geography covers everything from the mountains of the Andes to the coniferous forests found in the southern most tip of Chile; moreover, the natural beauty of our nation must forever be preserved for future generations to appreciate it. By doing this, we must protect our ecosystems, and to live frugally as much as possible, and still enjoy the natural wonders of our world while not over exploiting the earth’s resources neither.

As Mestizarianos, we seek to expand our Aryan race by waging a just war of conquest by freeing our Aryan brothers from all over South America, and planning to implement our final solution towards all inferior races that exist in all of South America. More in depth articles touching on the topic of geography and social problems will address aspects of culture to the health of society, Aryan education, and how to promote the well being of the Chilean Roto wherever he/she lives, and to fight in the quest to conquer all of South America under one Chilean hegemony in order that a new Aryan solar civilization will arise.

Mestizarianos will receive greater instructions on many articles that are written to empower the Mestizarianos to be free spiritually, physically, and mentally by pursuing the path of Aryanism, and the quest to build a National Socialist Society of Chile successfully, and to win the war against the Old Order in order  for the New Order to be established in our eyes once again.