We will fight Our Enemies to the very End!

The Aryan and National Socialist Youth will prove to be courageous and heroic  in fighting the Zionist Supremacist Old Order  at all costs! This will ensure that we will be once and for all free and that we have taken a stand to become the masters of our own fate!

For us Aryans, fighting in war in the form of Militarism and eliminating all the evil that exists in this world is something that is worth fighting for! This song says it all, and is an inspiration and a battle cry for us of the Aryan Race to take this to heart in Our Day of Battle Against Zionism long after we have cleaned up our own acts, and have gotten Our full resolve ready to win this war for the glory of Our Aryan World to Come!


The Mongolian Racial Curse must be exterminated in the American Continent once and for all time! The Asian Spirit must die, and the Aryan Spirit must live forever!

For millennias, the Aryan Pure European Indians of South America and in some parts of North America have strongly resisted and fought against the hordes of Mongoloid peoples coming from the Bering Strait to illegally invade the Aryan Continent of America.

We Mestizarianos face our great adversaries “The Mongoloid Native American Hordes” by fighting against them and uniting with South American Aryan Indians of Pure White Racial descent to fight against these races that are non-Aryan and are irreconcilable to us Mestizarianos!

Just like Hitler attempted to restore the Aryan races of Russia by destroying the Mongoloid Racial Spirit that took over Russia in the form of Bolshevism in 1917, we Mestizarianos are seeking to racially aryanize the South American Continent while Our Aryan Brothers of the United States, and Canada are seeking to finally Aryanize their homelands as we are attempting to do in all of South America including Mexico.

Our Aryan Indigenous roots are contrary to the mongoloid Indian roots here in the American continent, hence our bitter animosity towards one another. The only way to forever put an end to this is by going to war by exterminating the Mongoloid Spirit and Mongoloid “native american” races that are anti-aryan and are racially non-aryan for that matter!

We are fighting on multiple fronts to propagate Our Germanic Aryan Racial Existence in South America by fighting: Hispanic Supremacy, the Corrupt capitalist Caucasians that have betrayed their own Aryan Heritage for Zionist Power, Red and Brown Supremacist groups like the Mexica Movement,  Zionism, and the elimination of Gentile Blood that is found within the corrupt Peninsular, Criollo and Mapuche people by replacing it genetically with new Aryan Blood that will redefine our Chilean Roto Race for all times!

The Mongolian (Oriental) Spirit must be wiped  out the face of all the American Continent, and all Gentile (non-Aryan) Blood wiped out as well in order for the Aryan Race to live, and to force the Mongoloid Races, and Turanian Races back into Mongolia of the Orient. We will welcome the opportunity for all mongoloids to seal up their borders in their Mongolian nation from the rest of the world for all eternity and put an end to their supremacist ideology of expansionism! That is something that we Aryans will welcome more happily than ever by advocating racial separatism and harmony with the primeval world! We will fight for freedom at all costs to restore Our Ancient South American Continent to the ways of the Arya and the Idealism that is based on Aryanism Alone!

The Mexica Movement is Zionist founded/ operated by Jews, by Red Pride Supremacists and Brown Supremacists that Hate The Aryan Worldview!

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Injun Answers: Ummm me come from lone wolf! Me no saby! Ughh. Ughh we don’t know.


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This is hard to even read. They did not call these people red for nothing simply because they have volatile tempers as you pour gas into the flames! Folks these people only can angrily speak broken English as if they came out from an internet meme.  This is something that came out from a comic strip seriously. Mexica uses language employed by the Zionists and from the Old Order which we (Mestizaryanos) seek to overthrow.








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Aryan Response: We are listening…

Proof that the “Red Injuns” were not original peoples of North America; The Aryan Race will avenge them and we will be victorious in avenging the deaths of Our Aryan ancestors murdered by these red raced vermin illegal immigrants!

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Default Re: Thoughts on Native Americans?

First of all, the myth is they are “native” to the Americas. They are NOT. DNA studies have shown them to be closer to Mongolian, than anything.

The real history, and there is only one tribe (a tribe now living in New Mexico) who will say upfront, that they killed off the people who where here before them. Their DNA also contains remnants of European DNA, likely Salutrians who were here before them. Many of the ancient structures atributed to “Native Americans”, be they in North or South America, were simply NOT built by them. Another myth, is that of the “noble savage”, who only took what was needed, from the land, that one is loaded…

Did they get the shaft when America was built? Yes, they did. Does that mean we should bare guilt for the building of a nation, when they did the same thing before our ancestors? No, it does not. Should they have their own lands, make their own decisions? Yes, they should.

I could go in depth about what I know about the tribes, past and present, but it would take pages. I have known more than a few, some are really good people, others, like everyone else, not so much.

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This proves Our Point again and again that those North American Cherry Nigger Sons of Bitches  are not “natives” of America; furthermore, they are all anti-Aryan and land thieves and bandits that came from Mongolia to kill off all the Aryan settlers to extinction! We must avenge the death of Our Aryan Ancestors with Poetic Justice against these “native american” red races of North America.

That is why all the Natives, with Zionist help, will one day fight the Aryan Race soon in both Canada and the United States and Our Aryan Brothers must destroy all these mongoloid races and their reservations once and for all time to racial extinction since they (the prairie niggers) were the ones who killed all Our Aryan Ancestors that once lived in North America many thousands of years before these bandit “native Americans” ever showed up!

This is why religions that are non-Aryan will fall on themselves. Catholicism and Protestantism are overrated religions that will not stand the test of time during Our Struggles!

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I would consider Calvinism to be the worst of the worst christian denominations to have ever walked the face of the earth because of their: authoritarian rule over the masses, their coercive tactics over their members, but most revolting of all is their abuse on children simply because they declare them to be born “evil”. Calvinism and other bigoted religions have no place in Our Future Aryan Society since they are anti-Aryan in spirit, and can never be compatible with Our Worldview regarding Our View of Youth and the Aryan Children that is valued in National Socialism. All right wing religions are based on fear, tradition,  intimidation and coercion of the individual to win them their faith towards a deity that is above them that demands worship from his followers without question.

We National Socialists reject this right wing authoritarian types of religions based on fear of authority. We embrace an aryan religion that is based on the re-awakening of the spirit and archetype of the man’s soul and his capacity to reach towards the heavens and to aspire our noble characters to that of the hyperborean gods above us!

We National Socialists are of an eternal spirit that does not rot with time, and nations that are national socialist will never decay as the Aryan people will rule justly in a national socialist society. Non-national socialist societies and those who abandoned the Aryan Worldview have went into decline and civilizations have come and gone do to losing Aryan Nobility and the Blood Memory stored in it. We National Socialists desire the spiritual rebirth of Our Aryan People, and to aspire towards our Nation that will never decline, and that it will never rot through time. That is what we aspire for and this is truly an esoteric left wing ideal that we heroically espouse to our future Youth at the spiritual level!



“Nazi” cab Driver defends wearing the Swastika armband


This Black man is a living testimony that National Socialism is the only antidote to breaking away from World Jewry. Therefore, making racial separatism a true reality and possibility, restoring and preserving all the non-Aryan races around the world from racial mixing and contamination. The black races of Africa have a place in the world to be freed from the hands of World Zionism and Globalism by loving their own race and their proud origins. This man is a living testament that National Socialism can triumph over all evil, slavery, and making racial separatism possible for all Aryans and non-Aryans to racially separate without exploiting one another and to live in peace. Only National Socialism can solve all of the world’s problems in every nation and in every race that exists around the world in order to restore the spiritual and natural condition of Our World and Universe once again through Heroism and Idealism that emanates the worldview of National Socialism. Every race has an obligation to love their own kind, support and promote racial purity, and to promote their own racial pride to their own people and culture just as the Chinese philosopher  Sun Yat-sen put it in his work entitled Three Principles of the People saying, “The greatest force is common blood. The Chinese belong to the yellow race because they come from the blood stock of the yellow race. The blood of ancestors is transmitted by heredity down through the race, making blood kinship a powerful force.” Malcolm X was correct in stating that all blacks from every part of the world ought to be racially separate from all other races, to return back to Africa and become racially pure. The same Zionists that assassinated George L. Rockwell were the same people who assassinated Malcolm X for his Jew aware preaching to his people and an antagonist against Zionism and World Jewry!


Down with Zionism and the cancer of Latin Americanism spreading worldwide. This video shows that the pro Zionists and their useful idiots manipulated by Jews cannot stop us and Our Enemies will ultimately fail!

This is a call for racial separatism and racial pride to be reawakened in our day and age! Kudos to this black taxi driver for defending Hitler and loving his own black race!


Note: this video was created by Jews and Pro-Zionists to discredit National Socialism as they usually do those Jew bastards!