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Our Enemy has crossed the line and violated our respective boundaries

Everything from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is becoming a reality in the most disturbing fashion. The World Governments under ZOG have been building up RFID Microchips and through the use of the Human Genetics Project coming from the United Nations, all of this is driven by the Jews to force their lapdog governments across the world to force their citizens to inject RFID microchips in their bodies in order to track our every move as well as to obtain DNA information from us with and without our consent of course. This is an absolutely Orwellian Dystopian future we have to look forward to. The mutiny of the western governments in the Developed World, in Particular Western Nations are blindly praising the RFID microchip technology as an innovation for the future in keeping track of what one does, to get to work on time, apply for jobs, school, insurance, and so on under the pretext of safety. Nothing could be further from the truth about the empty platitudes of the RFID Microchip as well as the Human Genomic Project that is used to control all non-Jews and to force us all to bow down towards the Zionist Jewish Messiah from Israel!

The European Union has forced all of its citizens from each nation state, including the military to insert RFID chip identifications for not only security reasons, but for buying, selling, and to receive all the blessings from the ZOG Empire that is spreading across the world now. Those who willingly do not want the RFID microchips are going to be punished by the ZOG System that occupies the Super Powers of the United Nations, the EU and a whole host of other countries with a resistant citizenry of their own sovereignty.

I believe  that the Zionists, The Jewish Race along with their sycophantic Gentile Christian Fundamentalist Stooges, and other non-Aryan Supremacists want to by force make everyone wear the RFID microchip, and to force everyone to take a DNA test for the ZOG System to absolutely control all non-Jewish races and their children in all aspects of life, and worst of all they are going after the glorious White Aryan Race as a whole to persecute us, marginalize us, and to force us to go into extinction by Our Enemy. The Christian Zionists and the Free Masons are two sides of the same coin in working for their Jewish Masters to control all nations worldwide with RFID microchips and DNA Human Genomics Database to control our every move and thought! These groups are willing to throw everyone under the bus for their horrid beliefs in bringing the so-called “end times” into becoming a realized reality for us in our age now in order for us to forcefully worship the Evil Jewish Messiah that according to them will reign on earth forever from Jerusalem! This is absolutely unsettling my dear fellow Aryan Readers, and National Socialists!

The time has come now, and is overdue, that we Aryans resist the RFID microchips that are being used to implant on innocent children, and other non-Jews  for total surveillance, and the confiscation of personal freedom and duty. With this microchip inserted inside the body they can: induce brain tumors, induce all kinds of lethal cancers inside the body, cause heart attacks, and to spread other diseases by the controller behind the desktop screen of the operator who induces diseases to the victim of the microchip RFID, they can collect DNA, and if one is an Aryan they will use it to kill the Aryan man or woman with impunity.

We must call to action in a worldwide revolt against RFID microchips in all Aryan and non-Jew nations as well as to shut down the Human Genomic Project for good. This is beyond crossing the line on the sand now made by Our Enemy. Only we freedom loving National Socialists can tackle these issues up front by freeing our own White Aryan Races from this snare from all Aryan Nations from around the world, and to inspire other non-Jews to do the same for their own kind as well! This is an invasion of personal privacy, and the confiscation of individual spiritual freedoms, and make no mistake about their ulterior motives our treasonous governments are doing now to the European Peoples, and to other Aryan Races as well because the {Our Enemy} tiger cannot change its stripes!

We demand that the Globalist Elite, Secret Societies and all who work for the Zionists to comply with Our Ultimatum, or else we will fight against them for Our Freedom to be restored in that they are more than willing to take it away from us! If we do not fight for our Aryan Freedoms now, then we know for certain that no one else will! In the process we will destroy all such technologies that go  against the Laws of Nature, and completely eradicate the RFID microchips and Human Genomics Projects to the dustbins of oblivion!

Every day, the Protocols and its future predictions are consistently coming true every day leading towards more freedoms being relinquished in exchange for temporary security and blessings that Zion gives to its subjects with goyim rations that will satisfy the goy for the rest of his life without ever revolting against the World Zionist System ever.

We will continue the fight against such technologies that are abhorrent against the Deity of Nature in that man is being put above Nature herself which is very arrogant, and this arrogance has led us to the problems we are having today. We hold onto Hope that National Socialism will be victorious in this fight against such abhorrent technologies that it warrants their destruction into oblivion, and that future unborn Aryan Children are counting on us to fight for their freedoms now more than ever before!

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This is Zionist Technology “RFID microchip” at its finest. This abhorrent, and reprehensible technology must be destroyed until it is no more! The World/Universe belongs to Us Aryans, and the future of our Aryan Children depends upon us.

Psychiatry is a Zionist Invention to oppress non-Jews and to kill the Aryan Spirit!

This type of Monstrosity that we see in the modern world since the enlightenment period is coming to a head now! Psychology and Psychiatry have done irreversible damage to many non-Jews and Aryan peoples alike in controlling the mind and soul of non-Jews in their quest for world domination! We demand the end for psychiatry and psychology out right, they are arsenals for Jewish Supremacy Worldwide!

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, not the villain, but the benevolent hero says “up yours” to Hollywood and its creators of him!

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This is sure to piss off Jew Lovers, Latinos, Hispanics, Brown Supremacists, Injuns,  Lusitanians, Brazilians, and the ADL. Oy Vey another Shoah!

Hollywood has used countless “nazi” characters to portray them as evil in their trope such as Karl Ruprecht Kroenen the cyborg, and to add more effect on their invented story he had to be a hideous monster in order to fit the propaganda mold of Jews.

We now turn the tables against them, now Karl Ruprecht Kroenen is now the SS Hero, and even if he were hideous, he will regain Aryan Beauty he once had in the former within the cyborg body.