What is Freedom?

Long have I pondered this question for some time of its true meaning, but with the unanimity of my Aryan Brothers and Sisters we will conclude the same thing that as Aryan Radicalists  we have a Moral Absolute that is at odds with the Moral Absolutes of the world today, and we seek a restoration to a pristine Aryan Culture that once was noble and free.

According to Websters Dictionary the n. Freedom: [ME: fredom ; AS: freodom] means the state or quality of being free; independence; a being able itself to choose or determine action freely viz. freedom of will. This word stands on its own without the use of the word “liberty” which has a different meaning of its own implying past or current restrictions by law of do’s and don’t s . Freedom is different entirely from liberty which has been misconstrued for centuries to mean the same thing. To us Aryans, Freedom from the National Socialist Perspective means Spiritual Reawakening, and the Aryan Spirit being able to comprehend the Spirit of Freedom as a life force that transcends the material world and time itself. Freedom is Eternal and Everlasting for us.

We are the Children of  the Sun and go to the way of the Sun [i.e. the Swastika] and we value being free from all forms of oppression and slavery. We reject slavery as abhorrently evil and we refuse to enslave other races likewise. Not only do we want to recreate a new race from within us, but we also want other races around the world to do the same for themselves.

Slaves throughout history have lived in lavished mansions, were playwrights, were scribes, scientists, engineers, and they have a great company of friends to go out on bars, pubs, taverns, and young people today are also slaves to the groups they belong to sadly. In short, a slave is happy with the material blessings from their master and the positions they hold in life whether in the university, homes, occupations, fraternities and sororities, and so on. A slave will always be a slave to his spiritual beliefs and towards traditions of society espoused by both Liberalism/Conservatism/Anarchism in the present age. The curse of the materialism and devolution of our planet continues..naturally a society will naturally devolve into slavery and obscuring the meaning of freedom through nonsensical labels such as: “alpha male” “alpha female”, traditional condescension towards children, lazy ethnic labels that validate democratic ideals instead of racial qualitative idealism as espoused by National Socialist Ideals of Racialism.

The meaning of freedom in the journalist press has further obscured the root term of freedom. We Aryans that remain on this earth, and Mestizarianos know in our hearts that Freedom can only be truly attained through the inauguration of the “Age of the Hero” and a Spiritual Force that must be comprehended as its entire totality in purity. Freedom is not licentiousness, freedom is not liberty, freedom is not conforming to the norms of society, freedom is not bowing down to oppressive elders who hold sway towards the System of Tradition, freedom is not sexual promiscuity, freedom is not being in a herd of people or in a mass, freedom is not doing whatever you want, freedom is not a licence to do evil, freedom is not shutting other people up. Freedom is The Reawakening of the Spirit of the Individual that breaks the shackles of his guilt ridden past, his or her regrets, past failures that society socially stigmatizes, Freedom transcends all things for both man and woman, and the Heroic Idealism that Embodies Freedom is key to understanding its pure foundations. We seek to go do things now to compensate for the lost opportunities of the past that our predecessors have failed to do and seek to compensate for them, we seek a Romantic Cultural Past that was Pure and Beautiful than the Adulterated perversions we see today in all walks of life that go against nature. Ultimately we seek to recreate a new race starting with the Aryan Youth and Aryan Childcare that exists to build a National Socialist Society based on Aryan Racial Purity of the Blood, and the incorporation of Leftist Nationalism and Leftist Socialism into the Youth Program emphasizing the Heroic Aryan with godlike qualities of noble pride and noble fury.

Being Born a National Socialist only to rediscover oneself as a National Socialist puts one at odds with family and friends in a world that detests National Socialism and Aryan Values. Fear not friends, only you who right now knows that you are a National Socialist at Heart do not be afraid of Family Rejection, Do not fear their backlash towards you whether father or mother or sister, do not fear that your family and friends will disown you because you hold National Socialist Beliefs because you know your time has arrived when you must move on with your life. Do not conform to the Traditions and cultures of University Fraternities and Sororities, but still participate in them in order to conceal your true identity while still working for the future goal of National Socialism. Please be productive in your time: Going to School, University and studying for your major and participating in all other groups in college or in the workplace, or occupation you hold because we need useful people of all skills and tenure that hold National Socialist Beliefs that will join us and contribute to our movement as we covertly fight the Old Order we are living in. I ask all young National Socialists to for the meantime hide your true beliefs in Following Hitler, but at the same time make your life productive in finishing School, going to the University and graduating with your degree, and to build your natural talents and to hone them for the greater good to come because all of these skills as the Future Working Class of National Socialism must be able to become Self-Sufficient and strong to be able to create a National Socialist State. Above all, do not get in trouble, and be at your best behavior at all times, and when the proper time comes to speak to your best friend that you are a National Socialist be sure that they can be confided and won over to us with kindness and persuasion even if they call you a “nazi lover” “Hitler lover” , again just be kind to them that they have not seen the light of truth yet, but if they truly follow with their Heart towards Hitler, then they will truly understand the Aryan Meaning of what Freedom is.


Aryan Males arise from the Patriarchal strand and Aryan Females from the Matriarchal strand…that the transcendence of both systems leads to the Heroic Archetype of a new Aryan Race and a new Ideal Racial Working Class. Joan of Arc, the Blonde French Heroine of which we hold a high regard for Female strength and courage with less feminine traits found in her but her courage to transcend death with fearlessness. Parzival, the Hero of the German Epics is an Aryan Legend that has less masculine traits, and epitomizes the Hero in every SS Soldier that stood toe to toe with Hitler to Fight International Zionism Worldwide is who we should aspire to be. The Hero trumps the gender identities.

In Spiritual Freedom, all types of relationships between Aryan Males and Aryan Females are sanction alongside marriage and that love is the romantic, and esoteric spiritual love between two people that defines freedom under National Socialism with quality individuals.

In all, Freedom is indeed a Spiritual Force that comes with time to recognize its existence and to free ourselves from this ‘mind control’ world we live in today that controls us all with: Money, Finances, Stocks, etc.

Freedom is possible when we reawaken to ourselves and have sworn never to conform to the Old Order, but to overthrow it entirely is the task that is at hand with us. If one feels abandoned by simply holding National Socialist Beliefs, my friend, join like minded National Socialists who will band together  and examine National Socialism in depth as well as the Aryan Worldview. Please be a part of us.