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  1. For example, if Norway, which is free from the European Union, were to create a new National Socialist State, then Heroism is the ultimate transcendence in ennobling the Nordic Race of Norway, and if men are at a shortage in the infantry, then women must enlist in the military, and cooperate with the opposite sex in achieving the common goal for the National Socialist state to survive. The Male and Female in a National Socialist Sense are to be companions with a common duty to the National Socialist State in Aryanizing their country, and achieving a higher ideal that goes beyond ones opposite sex for National Socialism to work. All relationship types within the homogeneous population is valid alongside marriage. All sexual preferences are freely practiced among both genders due to freedom of choice and spiritual attraction to the opposite or same sex. National Socialism seeks to create a strong race among the youth as well as both men and women alike as it was in the Neolithic Farm period when the plow was invented. This all goes back to racial idealism found within both opposite sexes that aspire for the highest Aryan Ideal for themselves, the defined social community, for the children, and for the future of the state.


  2. Aryans need Aryan Women to be additional helpers to the Aryan Male when there is shortage of men. Gender and Sex arguments have no place here. The Aryan Ideal must be achieved by both sexes in order to create a viable National Socialist State based on the Hero Archetype and Racial Idealism in the nation. National Socialism needs to build a strong race!


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