Annihilate this Jewish Invention called: Brazilian Race!

These are the profiles we will use to go after all Brazilian peoples and let them have it!

This is the fate of this gutter sewer race of Latin America. Brazil must die with all its people! We Mestizarianos will vanquish, and annihilate every last one of them until not one Brazilian is alive on this earth and all are to be extinct!

Down with all the Evil Mestizos worldwide and Brown Supremacy Worldwide!

Brazil, the Jewish state of Latin America must be destroyed! The country that invented killer bees, viruses, and other evil anti Aryan devices they conceived of to harm the world.

Jews will not prevail over us!

This is Brazil's fate and the end of its racial existence!
This is our Hope for the future.

One thought on “Annihilate this Jewish Invention called: Brazilian Race!

  1. In fact, any nation in the world that emulates and takes after Brazil must be utterly destroyed!!! #Death to the Brazilian Race! #NOBRAZILEVER! #ENDBRAZILNOW! #THEENDISNEARFORALLBRAZILIANSWORLDWIDE! #DestroyBraziliangenesfromthegenepool!

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