The Atomic Bomb of National Socialist Germany


Hitler initially opposed building an atomic bomb on moral grounds because of its destructive potential. However, he recognized the voice of Aryan Nuclear Chemists, Physicists and other Aryan Scientists the need for a nuclear weapon in Germany’s Arsenal.  Hitler finally recognized that nuclear weapons can be used to deter further war and put all of Germany’s enemies on the negotiating table as Germany sought to win the Second World War against Zionism. In Fact, National Socialist Germany would have won by all accounts in building nuclear weapons in its arsenal in order to put the Zionist puppet nations on the negotiating table, and demand for world peace effectively while at the same time abolishing the International Jew and Zionism altogether. Germany may have won WWII by using only conventional weapons, and using its nuclear arsenal for peace talks worldwide and thus being capable of keeping the US and the Allied Forces at bay in no longer waging war against Germany. Hitler foresaw the need for wonder weapons used in critical moments for winning the war and persuade the Allied Forces (Great Britain and the USA) to overthrow their Zionist Masters for all times. Hitler foresaw that nuclear weapons were a force for good: used in wartime, and in peace time when using them to protect the earth against meteorites and objects coming from space. Nuclear weapons were a last resort only when the nations threatened Germany, and its potential use for peace negotiations.


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