National Socialism and Business Companies

National Socialism provides business freedoms to the Managers of such companies, however, small and large businesses must be loyal to the nation’s race and must never give way to corporate greed under no circumstance.

Businesses that are free of Zionist ties must be promoted in all sectors of society for the well being of the community of the common race of the nation. National Socialism seeks to protect business owners, whether large or small, for every generation to come that benefits the health of society. Businesses whether in agriculture or in industry must aspire to National Socialist Ideals in that individual talents benefits the entire Aryan community, and only National Socialism can have monopoly over all businesses when wartime is necessary, but loose over them during peace time for benefitting the Aryan community and the Nation. For instance, pharmaceutical business companies must create synthetic organic medicines to cure all diseases in the future in substitution of natural plants in order not to waste or cause plant extinction to take effect in the environment. To promote businesses that recycle all material items that can have another use is optimal in a National Socialist Society whether on earth or in space travel performing recycling cleaning practices in the universe.

Businesses must also be located in large cities as well as small towns and villages that promote frugality of natural resources and thus protect the environment. Businesses under National Socialist regulations must be effective stewards of the natural environment as well as addressing natural disasters and minimizing their impact on society. In breaking away from capitalist and communist business practices. National Socialism promotes businesses that do away with: corporate monopolies, corporate greed, material distribution of wealth promoted by Marxism, and businesses that pollute the environment. National Socialism seeks to keep the race of people healthy, strong, financially debt free by minting a debt free currency in a country, address natural disasters by minimizing their effect on people, controlling pests, protecting the environment, reforming the Conventional Medicine System from within by researching laboratory organic reactions that can be used to cure all diseases in society while not depleting natural resources from the environment, combine holistic medicine with Conventional Medicine together to promote health in our youth. Businesses must work together for the benefit of National Socialist interests, and business entrepreneurs must follow those ethics that benefit all people.

Small and large towns must also keep their populations from falling down, and instead every individual with natural talent must be nurtured by the community in whatever occupation a National Socialist citizen undertakes. Population growth must be regulated and controlled that emphasizes quality over quantity of individuals society, community making it possible for the National Socialist Program to work. The National Socialist Motto is: The Working Class which can defend itself and at the same time keep itself from getting robbed by corporatists. National Socialism does not promise anything to a people but that people work diligently and hard in making the National Socialist dream possible. In the end National Socialism is learned from Germany in that people enjoyed the standards of living without the need for material or monetary gain because they knew that the National Socialist state of Germany was there to protect them. That is the essence of the National Socialist worldview in which the government and community have an unconditional reciprocal relationship that binds them together for the common interest of the nation. Mestizarianismo seeks to promote this agenda in promoting and protecting Aryan businesses and making them accountable to the future National Socialist Government of Chile and our people. Agriculture and Industry must all meet the frugal lifestyle of every National Socialist citizen based on meritocracy of the people.


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  1. You are correct, corporate monopoly must be outlawed (Google). Individuals such as Soros, Gates, use their wealth to hurt societies with NGO front groups. The Jewish schemes of communism and capitalism are currently dying. The idea of National Socialism for the common good is coming to the fore. We will triumph!

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