The U.S.A. and Canada must complete Manifest Destiny in the 21st Century

The Teutonic American (US Euro descendant peoples’) and the Anglo Canadians must wage the final war against all red (Mongoloid) Indian tribes that are in reservations now. And to facilitate their extinction as non Aryans because they are tribalistic like the Jews and they follow their Zionist Master, and they must for all intents and purposes be wiped out the face of the earth in both the USA and Canada. In other words, the job must be resumed by the Anglo-Saxon race in Canada and in the USA to finish off all tribalism in North America, and to seek in Aryanizing the lands for all times in destroying the Jewish absolute of tribalism which is anti Aryan and to bring about the New Order of Aryanism by abolishing all present red “injun” or Indian reservations eventually. The new Aryan race to come and be!