The inventor of the Kosher term Genocide


The Hall of Infamy – R. Lemkin, and all his actions falls in line with “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” consistently and fulfilled at an alarming rate.

Raphael Lemkin is a scumbag, Zionist Jew who invented the term “Genocide” to persecute, and silence violently any open discussion about the Holocaust Hoax of the supposed 6 million dead. The greatest farce of the 20th Century… A term popular with bleeding heart anti racists, and Aryan traitors when it is fashionable to call all Aryans and National Socialists Evil, and the Jews and Non-Aryans Good.

It is through him that the UN and international organizations use the term “genocide” to rob freedom of speech from us, and to silence us because we are politically incorrect; moreover, to crack down on National Socialists who genuinely resist and fight against global Zionism and Globalism. We will always fight, and find a million ways to defeat our adversaries who rule the universe now.

Our war is eternal until Our enemy is vanquished! We will build grassroots, and capable and disciplined National Socialists to carry on the fight in every generation to come.