David Goodman Croly – A Jew


From this point on, I will revise the blog a bit in terms of definitions that are positive, neutral and negative in the glossary section.

The term “miscegenation” is a noun invented by the Zionist Jew David Goodman Croly during the American Civil War between the Union and Confederate Soldiers. The Jew believed that by destroying Teutonic America, he advocated for race mixing between negroes and whites. So to obfuscate race mixing he invented the flippant non Aryan term of “miscegenation”.

I have used it a few times writing articles with respect to race mixing as inherently unnatural and evil in regards to Brown supremacy, but I have decided to beat the Jew at his own game! I will no longer legitimize this anti Aryan and anti Mestizarianist term ever in future articles on my blog. Instead in distinguishing between different races mixing I will use the terms: undesirable cross breed, mongrelizing, race-mixing, inferior races as well when speaking against anti Mestizarians, the Spanish term mestizaje universal will always mean strictly undesirable/inferior crossbreeds and race mixers instead of ” miscegenation ” or in Spanish “Miscegenación”.

When we speak of desirable crossbreed, or pure pedigree cross, then we use the positive word called in Spanish mestizaje ario or Aryan Crossbreeding as being the opposite of race mixer.

In short, we seek and strive to Aryanize our form of communication every day, and boycott actively the speech and filth the Zionists want us to spew out so that we can never fight against the Jew on his own turf. We demand that the term ” miscegenation ” to be abolished from our dictionary, our vocabulary, and not to be synonymous with: Aryan Mestizo, or Mestizaje which can be split into two distinct definitions in which I already provided for both positive and negative definitions for each word and meaning.

The dictionary of Mestizarianism will be updated, and at the same time boycotting and de-legitimizing Jewish foppery and chicanery in our Aryan. Vocabulary.

We will abolish the term “miscegenation or miscegenación” and never give that term any legitimacy whatsoever. Boycott the language of the Jews forever, and the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic people like us the sooner we stop using the word “miscegenation” sooner, the better off we will be to incapacitate Jewish Supremacy in its totality!

We will ennoble the words: Mestizo, and Mestizaje by adding a prefix of Aryan in front of the word to distinguish us from all Evil Mestizos of non Aryan descent, moreover, our job is to make the language and vocabulary of ours be and expression of clarity and of the true spirit of its meaning so as to transcend the typical, or more accurately the abuse of the term as used by Globalists, Jews in education plus in the media manipulating ignorant bigots with no basic understanding of language nuances, differentiation of words in a language in a grammatical syntax, also conceited Academics who arrogantly know everything through their intellect and make their ideas a dogma for everyone to follow slavishly, Politicians,  and  in all the entire Democratic/Pluralistic world we live in today. All of this corruption needs to be overthrown when we coin and use our own terms inside our group as the beat way to counter our enemies and defeat them in the process.

Boycott the Jewish invented term “miscegenation/miscegenación” completely! Our methods of vocabulary will improve and be refined in a matter of a few days or weeks .

To all Aryans reading this, start becoming more literate every day, and never, under no circumstance, legitimize the language Zionists push on us every day to discredit us,we stick and fight the common enemy together.

Down with the Kike David Goodman Croly and his gang for intending to destroy our mode of communication!


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  1. This is an important point you have made. I think we should also stop using the term “racism”, invented by the Jew Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstien). It means we are taking the enemy’s view point as legitimate, therefore granting him ground, before the battle begins. Language is one of our most powerful weapons.

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