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The Roto Chileno – Gótico-Araucano

Welcome Aryan!

Mestizarianism is the Aryan Race from Chile. The Chilean People are Aryans by ancestry as many Chilean Patriots, and writers have cited and sought to protect their people from racial contamination, and destruction from the Old Order. This is the Germanic Aryanist Blog that is dedicated to the legacy of the great Chilean Patriot and Proto-National Socialist of Chile, Nicolás Palacios Navarro. And through his great Treatise titled, The Chilean Race or Raza Chilena he has giving his people a sense of great racial pride that is based on the full reverence giving to the Deity of Nature herself, and a road map to building an idealistic society based on the New Order to come.

I follow the distinguished timeless sage {Nicolás  Palacios} both in truth and in spirit in the writings that make the Aryan Race of Chile everlasting, and it is time to speak the truth by bringing back pride and a sense of destiny sought out through the path of Aryanism in this generation now! This site is faithful to all the tenets that Doctor Palacios  had set forth in his writings as a guide to Our Aryan Salvation. Just like the Germanic predecessors before the Mestizarianos, the Nordics were the First Aryans to have lived in racial purity since the dawn of time in Scandinavia (Hyperborea), and are still struggling to find a sense of destiny among themselves. Mestizarianism is also known as the Chilean Roto as is commonly known through songs and poems sung by the Huasos of Chile; therefore, it consists of the two part pure racial element of Chile known in the Spanish epithet as the Gótico-Araucano, or simply the pure noble purebred of the Chilean Mestizo (Roto Chileno) Race. But Mestizarianism is even more than this, it is based on the ethics derived from Nature by not deviating from it and paying our tribute/reverence to it and its spiritual/scientific foundations therein that Nature teaches us, and more importantly Idealism itself. The Chilean comprises of the Aryan Araucanian (Mapuche)  Indian and the Spanish Visigothic (Northern Spain) elements that come from the same German Ancestry thousands of years ago; therefore, one must always be proud and pursue the ideal of having Racial Aryan Pride in having no non-Mestizarianist(a) (no non-Aryan) ancestry in our blood that we seek to re-purify it from now on. Therefore, Mestizarianism covers the aryan racial nobility of three holistic racial classes: the Visigothic European Peninsular, the Visigothic Criollo, and the Frisian Araucanian (Mapuche) Indian. All of these elements are comprised of the Desirable Crossbreed or the mestizaje ario/parejo within the same great Germanic Race. These distinct racial subgroups are interconnected with each other biologically, and are closely related to one another by common ancestry; evolutionary history has shown to us that the German Race is the most diverse of all the human races in possessing refined phenotypic traits that range from the light white skin to that of the bronze skin, possessing also black wavy hair to that of having  curly blonde hair and blue eyes, and all of these characteristics give attribute to Nature selecting the German Race as being the most complex, and yet the most simple organism to have ever evolved over all other races on earth, and therefore, all of these characteristics alone are Aryan. Heroes and great people have emerged from Chile in making a decisive difference in the outcome of either victory or defeat  for an entire nation during our greatest time of need in defending the Fatherland, and this legacy must continue for future generations to be remembered and preserved faithfully in all ways to the future Mestizarianist(a) youth of Chile. These are the concise principles in which we stand for.

Mestizarianism is based on the following tenets in its worldview that we follow:

  • As Chilean Mestizos, we are all Aryans, and the last Aryan Race to come into existence in the Southern Cone or El Cono Sur of South America in the mid 1500s, and we seek a strong purpose in life in following the ethics of Nature, and listening to its voice alone as a guidance to our racial posterity for future generations to come. We are National Socialists at heart, and the way of life of National Socialism is based on the respect it has towards Nature, and we worship her in truth and in spirit and seek not to transgress against her, but build our society around this ideal principle in order for our great solar civilization to emerge in the future.
  • As National Socialists, we are true left wingers because we are genuine revolutionaries that espouse the principles of Nature as being the forefront of our weltanschauung linked with Aryanism. This means we seek true freedom from the bondage of the Old Order, and we seek to establish the New Order that brings freedom to our Aryan Mestizariana Race for all generations to come.
  • We seek racial purity in all its forms within the Germanic Race in possessing no non-German ancestry in our blood. We seek to teach this to other races to separate from us and to do the same for themselves in preserving their own racial  integrity as well, rejecting their traditional ways and turning towards their own romantic past through their own heroes, so that they can have their own freedom when they return to their own ancient lands from where they came from; thus abolishing slavery and the evil system created by the slave master forever. We espouse this principle for we have universal compassion for all living organic organisms on this earth never to be exploited again.
  • We reject every moral relativistic (Egalitarian) social order that does not adhere to the moral absolutes and biology, but we affirm only one absolute truth derived from The Laws of Nature herself; moreover, we seek to create a social order within a new solar civilization based on militarism and all ethics on the basis of what  nature desires and decrees for us to adhere to what is normal and to what is right as well.
  • We seek to establish official languages in aryanizing both the Spanish and Mapudungün languages spoken by the Araucanian Indians, and Visigothic Spaniards of Chile as  national languages that represents Our Aryan Values.
  • We seek to live within the demands and means of nature, and living a frugal, clean and healthy life for future generations to enjoy, and to preserve our ecosystems from over exploitation perpetrated by global capitalism.
  • We seek to heal the wounds of our past between the same Germanic Races: the Gothic Spanish and the Araucanian Indians, and to reunite again as One Chilean Race in Chile, and to fight our common enemies: Internationalists, Marxists, Globalists, Zionists, Brown Supremacists, Multiracial Supremacists in order to free the Aryan Man from bondage and false unjust punishments by our enemies heaped up against us. We are searching for pure Aryan Indian tribes in all of Central and South America along with pure Germanic Spaniards, and other Northern Europeans living here to ally with us to fight our common foes on all fronts!

For many centuries, the Aryan Man of Mestizariano Descent has faced many challenges from the evil tyrants in South and Central America since colonial independence from Spain where the Aryan Man migrated to those places, and continues to suffer from the oppressive powers of tyranny, and evil foes in power that belong to the Old Order we want to destroy. It is the mission for the Mestizarianista Race to go back to the source of life found in the Deity of Nature herself, and to seek adherence to the weltanschauung of National Socialism as the only solution to making Chile a great solar empire from within, and a spiritual rebirth of the Chilean Roto to bring peace to his beloved land. Also in the face of total racial degeneracy from universal race mixing in present day “Latin America” it is the mission of the Aryan Man from Chile to eventually fight against the system of internationalism, subversive organizations, racial traitors to Mestizarianism, globalism, Marxism, Multi-racialism and the entire Old Order by declaring an “eternal war” against all inferior races, evil tyrannical leaders of Latin America, and to bring salvation to all endangered Aryans that live in various parts of Latin America today both foreign and domestic. In other words, as Nicholas Palacios desired, he believed that the Chilean Super Race abiding by National Socialist, and Aryan values of racialism ought to wage a Just War, and conquer all of South America, and set the entire continent in flames through the blood and fire of warfare in order to purify South and Central America from the Old Order by whatever means necessary, and to inaugurate the New Order of Naturalism, and this is what the Philosopher Palacios sought to inculcate to his disciples and followers to adhere to: Honor, Loyalty, and Courage in the face of uncertainty.

This is conducive to the survival of the Aryan Race in South America, and in Central America (also where Chileans live) by waging total war against all enemies of Mestizarianism, and to make Chile a world power in the South America. The good race must live forever, and the inferior races to  forever be annihilated, thereby, race mixing or mestizaje inferior/universal will be terminated forever once the New Order is inaugurated, and Aryan peace can commence from there.

This blog is founded on the doctrines of the Chilean Roto, and this site is also a support group for the Chilean Mestizos that are faithful to the Mestizariana cause by helping, and supporting one another in times of trouble, and to develop great characters, and strong leaders of tomorrow by training the future Mestizarianistas to embrace the worldview of Mestizarianism based on Naturalism, and on the concepts of National Socialism, which has the answer to solving all of our problems we face today, as the future for rebirth in the country of Chile and from there the security of the Aryan Race rests in the hands of noble leaders of various expertises who will carry out the mission of teaching new generations of Chilean Mestizos the true meaning of race as The Biological Concept, the benefits of a homogeneous society, and to fight a counter offensive against the enemies of Aryanism by helping to train other fellow Aryans to defend themselves in different parts of Latin America and join forces with us. The objective in ensuring our racial survival as Aryans forevermore rests in the power of will alone! As the great German philosopher Nietzsche  once put it in the struggle to become the superman of tomorrow: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger!”

The new revolutionary ideals of Mestizarianismo begins here! My name is Ercilla Robert Rámirez (Ngenechen-Odin), I am the Chilean Author and an Honorary Aryan that is a disciple of Nicholas Palacios Apologist of Mestizarianism, and he was the true Mestizariano to follow by through which his spirit lives on to this day. All future Aryans are Welcome to this website to train to become warriors of tomorrow! I have sworn an solemn oath to defend the Aryan Race of Chile, and to fight the good war to the very end!

Mestizarianism  has a transcendent meaning in itself signifying in this grammatical morpheme construction: Mestiza+Aryan+Ism, i.e. the ancient South American Way of Life coming from direct Germanic descent, be it through Aryan Indians, and Germanic peoples of Central Europe with a common German Ancestor, and its allegiance to the doctrine of Aryanism, reverence to Nature, and superior development of civilization by means of protecting: Strong National Sovereignty of a Nation, and a definable social community within a society of people collectively loyal to their nation and its government being loyal to its people as well. This is the essence of Mestizarianism (or direct spelling –Mestizaryanism or Mestizaryanismo– the letter i serves as a substitute for the y for Aryan)- The Chilean Abstract Concept of true Aryan Ideology.

Chile para los Chilenos.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell